August 7, 2012

What's cooking in the kitchen?

You guessed it, todays room of the day...
The Kitchen!
We all know I love food, so the kitchen is a fun place for me. Even though Ashley and I aren't as great in the kitchen as we wish we were,I think we will be doing a lot of experimenting in here.

This cart holds a few of my favorite things. If you know us at all you know we can't survive without our coffee and tea. And of course we can't end our night without a glass of wine.

Since we were unfortunate enough to rent an apartment with absolutely no cabinet space we had to be creative. It was Ashley's idea to get this cart and shelves. It's a great storage idea.  

 Great place for pots & pans and appliances!

 A saying we live by! Thanks to my best friend Emily!

 I think it's safe to say that we own way too many cupcake books! (Ashley might shun me for saying that!)

 See! No counter space. We expanded our creativity greatly trying to figure out ways to fit everything that we needed into our tiny apartment. We bought a large cutting board that fits over either the sink or the stove depending on what surface we are working on and what surface can turn into counter space. 

 Of course we can't forget our Texas roots. And for all of those wondering, those are Yankee tickets, but they are playing the Rangers.We will wear our Rangers shirts proudly. I'm already getting my smack talk ready. Thanks parents for the tickets! :)

Hope you enjoy our kitchen as much as we do! Until next time!


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  1. Looks great! Y'all did a great job utilizing space with all the shelves & carts! Now good luck keeping it all that straight! :) So your fridge is missing something.....a picture of me & your niece Lei Lei!! :) Duh!! The Ranger game will be so fun!!