August 16, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame!

Our awesome parents bought Ash and I tickets to go to the Ranger/Yankee game last night. We were very excited to go until we heard about the impending storms all day on Wednesday. Just our luck, the worst part of the rain was supposed to be happening right when the game was starting. We finally sucked it up and made our trek in the rain to the subway and we were on our way to the Bronx to see our Rangers play!

As soon as we made it to the game we heard there was at least an hour rain delay. Excuse our appearance, we were wet and it was very humid.

 We passed the time with some Dippin Dots!

This was our view during the rain delay. It's probably a good thing they weren't playing in this!

After skipping dinner and going straight for the dessert I thought it would be a good thing to eat a hot dog. You have to have one at a baseball game, but since Ashley is a vegetarian I had to enjoy it for the both of us!

My hot dog came in this.....It went in the trash right away!

After about an hour and a half rain delay we finally got to go sit in our seats and cheer the Rangers on! We were surrounded by Yankees fans but we cheered proudly for the Rangers...especially when Hamilton hit both of his homeruns. 

Let's go Rangers!

Our favorite player David Murphy! He went to Baylor University which is also where Ashley graduated from. 

Yankee Stadium is just not as cool or big as the Ballpark in Arlington. Everything is bigger in Texas right!?

I'm so sad the Rangers didn't pull it through last night, but all in all it was a fun and adventurous night for Ashley and I!

Until next time

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