April 29, 2013

Trend of the Week: Hi-Lo Skirts

So remember all that shopping I talked about doing over the weekend? I found one of my new favorite things- this hi-lo skirt! It's perfect for spring and it is so versatile. If you don't know what a hi-lo skirt is it's basically a skirt that is shorter in the front than it is in the back. I love a maxi skirt and this is a perfect twist to a classic.

The skirt pictured is from Uniqlo. You can buy it here.

Until Next Time

April 28, 2013

Glorious Weekend Activities

What a beautiful weekend in NYC! It was the first warm weekend of the year and we spent about 50% of it outside...we spent the other 50% of it shopping. We have been wearing sweaters and coats for what seems like forever so we were definitely due for some fun spring/summer clothes.
 Saturday we took a lunch break in between shopping and grabbed some Chipotle takeout and sat and enjoyed it in the park at Herald Square. Those burrito bowls always hit the spot.
It was so nice to just sit outside and feel the sunshine.

 Today we decided to go grab lunch at this Turkish restaurant, Beyoglu, in our neighborhood that I always walk by that looked so yummy. In the warmer months the majority of the NYC restaurants put tables outside on the sidewalk so we enjoyed our lunch al fresco.
 We decided to just order a bunch of appetizers and share. Everything was so good!
 After lunch we sat on the patio at Starbucks for a bit while Shelby was studying for a test and I was playing on Pinterest :)
 Pixie came to Starbucks too and made a lot of friends. Then she got cold (guess we got the summer hair cut a little too soon) so we went home.

Hope each of you had a beautiful weekend too!

Until Next Time

April 24, 2013

A Walk In The Park

Last weekend Shelby and I were strolling around downtown and ended up in Washington Square Park. The last time we were there there was snow on the ground so it was nice to see it full of flowers and with all of the people out enjoying the pretty day. Washington Square Park is known for it's street performers. Just in the short time we were there we saw tons of people singing or playing instruments. We also saw a group of theater students from NYU rehearsing Shakespeare for a play coming up next weekend.



The parks are one of my favorite things about this city and they tend to pop up when you least expect them. They are a nice reprieve from the thousands of skyscrapers in Manhattan.

Until Next Time

April 22, 2013

Trend of the Week: Floral

Over the past few days, almost out of nowhere, flowers have seemingly appeared all over the city. It's amazing how the site of flowers makes it feel warmer outside than it actually is. Florals are always a big trend for spring. 

Here are some floral things Shelby and I are loving right now:

These wayfarers

This floral lace mini

This floral dress

These floral sneakers

This floral scarf

Do you like floral for spring? What is your favorite floral item?
Until Next Time

April 21, 2013

Sunday Funday

 This afternoon Shelby and I went on an adventure to Peanut Butter & Co downtown. Many of you may have seen their peanut butter on the shelves at your local grocery store. Well, little known fact, at least to us, is they have a restaurant in NYC! We highly recommend it! Shelby and I are both huge peanut butter nuts so this place was basically our heaven.

 I ordered the peanut butter sampler. You get to try every flavor of peanut butter that they offer. What could be better? This was nice because there were several flavors I had never tried so I got to without the commitment of buying a whole jar. I liked them all but my favorite flavors are "The Bee's Knees" and "White Chocolate Wonderful". 

 Shelby ordered  "The Heat is On" sandwich which had spicy peanut butter with chicken and pinapple jam. Sounds a little strange but she loved it. Just a warning that flavor peanut butter was really spicy...and we like spicy things. Each sandwich comes with a bag of potato chips and carrot sticks. 


 After our peanut butter adventure we happened to walk by Amorino (you may remember we went here on our cupcake walking tour) so of course we ran in and grabbed some of that yummy mango gelato. 

We hope y'all had a great Sunday Funday too!!
Until Next Time

April 20, 2013

What a Week

Between the Boston marathon bombings and subsequent capture of the suspects and the explosion in West, TX this has been a crazy week to say the least. As New Yorkers the terror in Boston this week was a little to close for comfort. As Texans the devastation in West, a town we have very close ties to, hit even closer to home even though we are miles away. Our thoughts are with everyone that was affected by the tragedies this past week.

April 15, 2013

Trend of The Week: Spring Scarves


I love scarves! I have....well a lot. While scarves are a winter necessity (especially in NYC) I love a lightweight scarf for spring. I love how scarves can transform an otherwise blah outfit into something special. I particularly love a light, gauzey, printed scarf. The scarf I'm wearing is no longer available but you can get similar here I usually pick up new accessories for the season from a store like Forever 21 or H&M. They offer a wide selection for cheap. If you want to integrate some new items into your wardrobe for spring but don't have a big budget then the best way to make old outfits feel new is with new accessories like scarves, jewelry, and belts. What is your favorite wardrobe item for spring?

Until next time