April 28, 2013

Glorious Weekend Activities

What a beautiful weekend in NYC! It was the first warm weekend of the year and we spent about 50% of it outside...we spent the other 50% of it shopping. We have been wearing sweaters and coats for what seems like forever so we were definitely due for some fun spring/summer clothes.
 Saturday we took a lunch break in between shopping and grabbed some Chipotle takeout and sat and enjoyed it in the park at Herald Square. Those burrito bowls always hit the spot.
It was so nice to just sit outside and feel the sunshine.

 Today we decided to go grab lunch at this Turkish restaurant, Beyoglu, in our neighborhood that I always walk by that looked so yummy. In the warmer months the majority of the NYC restaurants put tables outside on the sidewalk so we enjoyed our lunch al fresco.
 We decided to just order a bunch of appetizers and share. Everything was so good!
 After lunch we sat on the patio at Starbucks for a bit while Shelby was studying for a test and I was playing on Pinterest :)
 Pixie came to Starbucks too and made a lot of friends. Then she got cold (guess we got the summer hair cut a little too soon) so we went home.

Hope each of you had a beautiful weekend too!

Until Next Time

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