December 31, 2013


Merry Christmas from the Dunn kids!

We woke up on Christmas day and jumped in the car to drive 2 hours south to our grandparents house. We always end up having to take two cars so this year we did kids in one car parents in the other. We made our necessary yearly pit stop at Starbucks before hitting the road. 

We spent the entire car ride drinking our coffees and singing songs from musicals at the top of our lungs. 
All the presents under the tree at our grandparents house. We have a large extended family.....

Some of our family wasn't able to be there this year but in leu of her absence our cousin Rachel made us a scavenger hunt! It was the coolest thing! You opened an envelope containing your clue and then once you solved it you located a gift that she left for you. 

This was my clue-
And this is what I found - a gift for Pixie! 
Shelby's clue led her to a gift for both her and I - this amazing artwork that Rachel made for us. We love it SO much! 
And this is what our Mom found. Such a unique and creative way to still be with us on this day.
We traditionally open presents youngest to oldest and we draw names for Secret Santa. So, our grandpa, being the oldest, always opens last. This year he got a little impatient while waiting for everyone to open their presents. It was the cutest thing. He discovered that he had a present from me and got so excited. He held it in his lap hugging it for a while...
still (sort of) patiently waiting....
Right after this I caught him trying to unwrap a corner...
When we finally got to his turn he had the excitement of a five year old on Christmas morning. I love that he still gets excited for Christmas after all of these years. But then again, who doesn't like receiving presents?!

Our uncle making fun of our bow pictures from Christmas Eve-
Dad and his red felt Santa hat (which he bought at Target on clearance for $3)
Posing with our new Baylor gear (sic'em bears!)
We had a great day spending time with family-

We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday and we are looking forward to ringing in the new year! 

Until Next Time

December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

In our family we celebrate Christmas with our immediate family on Christmas Eve. We usually go to dinner somewhere and then open presents. This tradition started accidentally a few years ago when one Christmas Eve we were trying to make our way to our grandparents house and had to turn around as there was bad weather and the highways were getting icy. This Christmas Eve our Dad had us all fill out a little questionnaire asking about our favorite Christmas traditions. Most of us said that that mis-adventure to our grandparents house was our favorite Christmas. The majority of us also said that Oh Holy Night is our favorite Christmas song which I thought was hilarious. Of all the Christmas songs out there we all pick the same one. We also talked about our favorite Christmas present ever received which was fun to look back on. 

This Christmas Eve we went to a nice family dinner (how adorable is our Dad in his Christmas bow tie?)
Then we came home and opened a bottle of wine our parents purchased in Napa that we've been saving. It was our favorite wine we tasted and it was so nice to have a glass of it and think back on that amazing trip. 
We distributed the gifts and had a lovely evening opening them and sharing some family bonding time. My favorite moment on Christmas is always seeing my friends and family open the gifts I have picked out for them. 
Ethan pulled a bow off of one of his packages and put it on Shelby's head...
Then Shelby put one of her bows on my head....
And before we knew it we all had bows on our heads....
Pixie too! :)

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

Until Next Time

Pre-Holiday Activities

Shelby and I are in Dallas for the holidays spending time with family and catching up with friends. We have tons of holiday traditions and activities we'd love to share with you. 

We arrived in Dallas to our family tree up and decorated and tons of presents already underneath. Mom's been a busy little elf! :)

We have grabbed some of our favorite local treats-

Caught up with friends-

Went to a NBA basketball game-

Go Mavs!

Decorated Christmas cookies-

 Had our annual family Christmas tea-

And attended White Christmas the musical-

 We definitely got into the holiday spirit! The week before Christmas is always my favorite week of the year. It's filled with anticipation and all my favorite activities. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Until Next Time

December 16, 2013

NYC Christmas Festivities

On Saturday Ashley and I spent our last weekend this year in the city doing lots of fun Christmas activities. We had yet to go see any holiday windows, or even the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Unfortunately we picked the craziest snow day to go out and have our fun. It did make for some cute pictures though!

Bloomingdales Windows!

Stopped off at one of our favorite restaurants, La Bonne Soupe for lunch. We tried the cheese fondue for the first time. It was fantastic! I would definitely recommend it!

We love their tomato soup!

And of course the chocolate mousse for dessert!

 Central Park for some snow!

5th Avenue Windows! Tiffany's are always classic!

Harry Winston!

Henri Bendel's

Rockefeller Center!

We had so much fun soaking up the Christmas spirit in NYC. Now we are off to Dallas for two weeks to spend Christmas with our family! Wishing you all love and the best, and Happy Holidays!