December 15, 2012

Max Brenner

If you love chocolate you'll want to pay attention to this post (and who doesn't love chocolate?) I have been to Max Brenner multiple times before, but this was my first time to take Ashley and Mom! They loved it!

They have really cool cups. This one is designed so that the chocolate melts and goes into the coffee. 

This tea apparatus was really fun. The bottom of it sits onto the top of the cup and when you press down the tea comes out.

Mom ordered a sandwich and the "bread" was rosemary waffles.

Ashley ordered a yummy pannini but the highlight was the waffle fries that were dusted with coco and chili powder.

I was boring and ordered eggs but my meal came with chocolate sauce I could put on my biscuit.

This is another type of cup they have called a "hug mug". There are no handles and it's meant to be cupped as Ashley is demonstrating

Our dessert was a peanut butter and marshmellow pizza. It was so yummy!

If you're a fan of everything sweet make sure you make a stop at Max Brenner next time you're in the city. 
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December 13, 2012

Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is famous for going all out with the Christmas Decorations during the holidays. We took the trip out to Brooklyn just to see what all the fuss was about and we sure weren't disappointed!

 This snowman was almost as tall as the house!

 I think this house had every blow up Christmas decoration ever made

 Giant nutcrackers were a recurring theme

 A lot of these houses reminded me of the movie The Grinch when they had their Christmas light decorating contest. 

We had a great time looking at all of the lights. If you live in the area I highly recommend that you go!

Until next time

December 12, 2012

Jingle Ball

Last Friday we went to Z100's Jingle Ball that was at Madison Square Garden. They put on a show every year that includes all of the hottest artists at the time. When we heard the lineup we knew we had to go. It was all of our favorite artists including, One Direction, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs, Neyo, B.O.B, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Fun.!

Unfortunately we couldn't get tickets to the actual show, but there is a small theater at Madison Square Garden where they were holding a viewing party, so we got tickets to that.

Ed and Jason came into our theater and sang an exclusive performance of "Empire State of Mind" for us!

Fun.! Also came in to say hello!

We had an absolute blast!



Seeing all of our favorite artists was so much fun!! I was actually fortunate enough to get tickets to One Direction's concert at Madison Square Garden last monday. Ed Sheeran was their opening act. Ash wont let me do a post on it though! I think she is a little One Directioned out!

Until Next Time

December 11, 2012


Last week when our Mom was in town we went to see The Nutcraker at Lincoln Center put on by the New York City Ballet. Both Shelby and I grew up dancing and Shelby was actually in several shows of The Nutcraker so going to the ballet has special memories for us. 


The ballet was great! The costumes and sets were so beautiful and the dancing was flawless. There were tons of kids in this production and i was very impressed with how professional they seemed. 

Lincoln Center is SO beautiful 

Going to see The Nutcraker is a fun tradition for us. What are your holiday traditions?

Until next time

December 10, 2012

Holiday Windows

I love how New York City transforms during the holidays. One of my favorite things, besides the tree at Rockefeller Center, are all of the department store windows.

Saks Fifth Avenue:
We loved this snowglobe display. The shelves flipped so the snow globes got turned over. 

We even spotted a Texas one!

The sweet dog in this one reminded us of Pixie

And this one looks like us :)

Henry Bendal:
We love Bendals!

This dress is made of cupcake liners

And this suit is decoupaged with old photos

We love this giant snowflake that hangs over Fifth Avenue

The windows at Tiffany's are small but impact full

Each window looked like a room in a house decorated with beautiful jewelry

Bergdorf Goodman:
The Bergdorf windows were filled with very glamourus scenes. 

This all white window was breathtaking in person

So was this very sparkly window

We spotted this cute shoe and Shelby had to take a picture with it :)

 Classic Macy's

 Loved this cute scene of NYC staples

 This Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade window was also great

 But my favorite was this window which was showing Make-A-Wish wishes and pictures on the books. The books were digital so there were tons of wishes scrolling by. 

Until next time