February 26, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 7 and Week 8

So, we skipped a week, oops :)
Ya know, life just got busy, but we are back today to share TWO weeks with you! 

Day 43: Shelby met up with our brother Ethan after school. They went to City Bakery without me (I was working) and S didn't even bring me a pretzel croissant home! Sad day. 
Day 44: Snowday! We spent our lunch break in Central Park playing in the snow and making Henry the Hipster Snowman. 
Day 45: Valentine's Day. Also our Dad's Birthday. Shelby and friends enjoyed a lovely Galentine's dinner. 
Day 46: We went to see a movie and picked up tea and scones from Alice's on our way to smuggle into the theater. May have been our best idea yet. What was not a good idea was the move choice. Whatever you do don't go see "Winter's Tale". It's so bad. Absolutely nothing like the previews. 
Day 47: So we were walking around our neighborhood behind this adorable 80 something year old man for a few blocks and we noticed that in his bag was 2 cans of whipped cream and a bar of chocolate. Wonder what his Valentine's Day weekend plans are..... 
Day 48: What work on a Monday looks like for Ashley. Very glamourous I know
Day 49: Day one of work meetings for Ashley. In the back of a cab very grateful I don't have to do this commute every day. 
Day 50: Our company hosted a work dinner. That plate of dessert was just for Shelby and I. Just kidding. I wish. 
Day 51: Had a work training that we both attended all day. Shelby was awarded "Newcomer of the Year" for all her hard work and success. Way to go lil sis! 
Day 52: Ended one of the craziest/busiest weeks ever with a little broadway show. We went to see Newsies. Overall as a show it wasn't our favorite but we really enjoyed all of the dancing. 
Day 53: We are in the process of planning a little Europe trip this summer. Ashley ran out and picked up tea and scones to go from Alice's and we commenced research and planning. 
Day 54: Spent Sunday how Sunday's should be spent lounging around in pj's playing on Pinterest. 
 Day 55: Only way to get through a Monday. Starbucks and a yummy scented candle. 
 Day 56: I think it may be time for Pixie to get a haircut. 

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

February 24, 2014

Adventures In The Snow

2014 has come with nothing but snow. Right now NYC has had a total of 54 inches of snow. The average for this time of the year is 24 inches, so as you can probably guess we are totally over the snow, and are ready for spring. I have yet to have a full week of school because of all of the snow days we have had, i'm not complaining about that!During our last blizzard we met my friends in Central Park to make a snowman, and play!

First we went up to our roof to check out the view!

Pixie despises the snow!

The snow was beautiful!<3

I just love throwing snow balls!

Playing around with the snowman accessories!

This is our snowman Henry!<3

Amazing day with my best friends!

Warming up in our cab home!

We apologize for the small hiatus in our blog posts! We have both been EXTREMELY busy the past few weeks! Stay tuned for new fun things in March!


February 14, 2014

Travel Diaries | Puerto Rico

Back in January I went to visit two of my best friends in Puerto Rico for a week. They live on opposite sides of the island, so we spent half of the week in San Juan, then had a fun road trip over to Mayaguez. It was such a relaxing week full of adventures and fun on the beach.

I always love the views from planes!

I was greeted with the cutest signs ever at the airport.

The views were absolutely stunning!

My first experience of Puerto Rican food! Mofongo!

Of course had to get some Pina Colada's

We swam in a waterfall! One of the coolest experiences I have ever had.

We also went zip-lining which was on my bucket list of adventures!

I love the ocean!<3

Yummy treats!

Lovely brunch!<3

Play time on the beach!

My friends got me hooked on beer! I never thought I would see the day! Wine girl at heart!

Corn sticks are my new favorite thing!

Spending time with my loves!

Last night in PR at the SanSe festival!

I had such an amazing time visiting my girls in their hometowns! Such an amazing experience!