February 26, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 7 and Week 8

So, we skipped a week, oops :)
Ya know, life just got busy, but we are back today to share TWO weeks with you! 

Day 43: Shelby met up with our brother Ethan after school. They went to City Bakery without me (I was working) and S didn't even bring me a pretzel croissant home! Sad day. 
Day 44: Snowday! We spent our lunch break in Central Park playing in the snow and making Henry the Hipster Snowman. 
Day 45: Valentine's Day. Also our Dad's Birthday. Shelby and friends enjoyed a lovely Galentine's dinner. 
Day 46: We went to see a movie and picked up tea and scones from Alice's on our way to smuggle into the theater. May have been our best idea yet. What was not a good idea was the move choice. Whatever you do don't go see "Winter's Tale". It's so bad. Absolutely nothing like the previews. 
Day 47: So we were walking around our neighborhood behind this adorable 80 something year old man for a few blocks and we noticed that in his bag was 2 cans of whipped cream and a bar of chocolate. Wonder what his Valentine's Day weekend plans are..... 
Day 48: What work on a Monday looks like for Ashley. Very glamourous I know
Day 49: Day one of work meetings for Ashley. In the back of a cab very grateful I don't have to do this commute every day. 
Day 50: Our company hosted a work dinner. That plate of dessert was just for Shelby and I. Just kidding. I wish. 
Day 51: Had a work training that we both attended all day. Shelby was awarded "Newcomer of the Year" for all her hard work and success. Way to go lil sis! 
Day 52: Ended one of the craziest/busiest weeks ever with a little broadway show. We went to see Newsies. Overall as a show it wasn't our favorite but we really enjoyed all of the dancing. 
Day 53: We are in the process of planning a little Europe trip this summer. Ashley ran out and picked up tea and scones to go from Alice's and we commenced research and planning. 
Day 54: Spent Sunday how Sunday's should be spent lounging around in pj's playing on Pinterest. 
 Day 55: Only way to get through a Monday. Starbucks and a yummy scented candle. 
 Day 56: I think it may be time for Pixie to get a haircut. 

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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