February 24, 2014

Adventures In The Snow

2014 has come with nothing but snow. Right now NYC has had a total of 54 inches of snow. The average for this time of the year is 24 inches, so as you can probably guess we are totally over the snow, and are ready for spring. I have yet to have a full week of school because of all of the snow days we have had, i'm not complaining about that!During our last blizzard we met my friends in Central Park to make a snowman, and play!

First we went up to our roof to check out the view!

Pixie despises the snow!

The snow was beautiful!<3

I just love throwing snow balls!

Playing around with the snowman accessories!

This is our snowman Henry!<3

Amazing day with my best friends!

Warming up in our cab home!

We apologize for the small hiatus in our blog posts! We have both been EXTREMELY busy the past few weeks! Stay tuned for new fun things in March!


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