February 5, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 5

Week five was filled with lots of food- some healthy, some not so healthy, some football, and you guessed it- more snow. 

 Day 29: We've been making a lot of smoothies lately. These are some of our favorite ingredients. 
 Day 30: Got our groceries delivered! Love Fresh Direct!
Day 31: Pixie still isn't feeling well :(
 Day 32: Super Bowl weekend! Since the game was being played in the area Times Square was filled with various Super Bowl themed activites. Shelby met up with some friends to explore; Ashley had zero desire to mingle with the masses in Times Square :)
 Day 33: Super Bowl Sunday or as we prefer to refer to it Puppy Bowl Day! Ashley made chili and we tried these fajita flavored scoops...very yummy!
 Day 34: Woke up to a surprise blizzard. We took a little snow walk in the evening around our neighborhood. 
Day 35: We love surprise care packages from our Dad! This time was some yummy El Fenix goodies and some very delicious cupcakes! Thanks Dad, we love you!

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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