February 14, 2014

Travel Diaries | Puerto Rico

Back in January I went to visit two of my best friends in Puerto Rico for a week. They live on opposite sides of the island, so we spent half of the week in San Juan, then had a fun road trip over to Mayaguez. It was such a relaxing week full of adventures and fun on the beach.

I always love the views from planes!

I was greeted with the cutest signs ever at the airport.

The views were absolutely stunning!

My first experience of Puerto Rican food! Mofongo!

Of course had to get some Pina Colada's

We swam in a waterfall! One of the coolest experiences I have ever had.

We also went zip-lining which was on my bucket list of adventures!

I love the ocean!<3

Yummy treats!

Lovely brunch!<3

Play time on the beach!

My friends got me hooked on beer! I never thought I would see the day! Wine girl at heart!

Corn sticks are my new favorite thing!

Spending time with my loves!

Last night in PR at the SanSe festival!

I had such an amazing time visiting my girls in their hometowns! Such an amazing experience!


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