April 16, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 15

This week consisted of meatballs, spring weather which quickly turned back to winter weather, and spring break adventures.
Day 99: We made a last minute decision to go grab dinner at The Meatball Shop. It's one of those places we pass every day walking to the subway and always say "One day we need to try that place"....so we did.
Day 100: We celebrated the 100th day of the year (and the fact that it was Friday) with Ashley's new cocktail invention- a sparkling pineapple margarita! It's our new obsession.
Day 101: It was a coffee and bagel kind of morning.
Day 102: A beautiful spring day spent reading by the river. And getting sunburned.
Day 103: It's Shelby's Spring Break and she is in TX. The I <3 NY shirt was our grandpa's birthday gift. Now he can wear it and always think of his favorite granddaughter's in NYC :)
Day 104: Shelby spent today enjoying Spring Break hanging out with friends. 

Until Next Time
Ashley and Shelby

April 9, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 14

This week was filled with manicures, bagel bites, pretty flowers, and some Easter egg hunting.
 Day 92: Someone (*cough* pixie *cough*) had a lazy day lounging in bed. I think her bed head gives her away.
 Day 93: Shelby brought home bagel bites for dinner. Neither of us had had them in years. Brings us back to our childhood : )
 Day 94: We treated ourselves to a mani/pedi for making it through this insane week (the one thing that is cheaper in NYC than anywhere else in the US)
Day 95: Giant faberge eggs have taken over the city. We participated in The Big Egg Hunt on our way to Trader Joe's for some much needed grocery shopping. It's basically a city wide high-tech egg hunt with prizes for whoever finds the most or something. We don't really care about the competition part but had fun with the seeking! Each egg will be auctioned off for charity in a couple weeks. 
 Day 96: Picked up some pretty flowers to celebrate the arrival of spring temps in the city
 Day 97: This is what happens when you mention to your Dad that you are out of coffee creamer- a box full of coffee creamer shows up at your door. Thanks Dad!
Day 98: Shelby and Pixie's night time ritual. Shelby enjoys it. Pixie does not.

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shleby

April 1, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 13

This week was filled with lots of rain, our parents, and birthday celebrations!

Day 85: Ashley's Intern is ready for the day.

Day 86: Shelby has to steal a goodbye kiss from the intern before she heads off to school.

 Day 87: Our parents came to town so we went out for a celebratory drink.

Day 88: Night out with the family and Ethan's friends for his birthday celebrations!

 Day 89: Epic Dunn family selfie after we saw Cabaret at Studio 54.

Day 90: Leftover birthday cupcakes for breakfast on Monday morning. 

Day 91: Finally using Ashley's new glasses. We christened them with a glass of Bourbon of course!

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby