November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun

Last week Shelby and I were fortunate to be able to go back to Texas for Thanksgiving. I was so nice to see family and catch up with some friends. Below are some pictures from our time at home.

November 21, 2012

The Fierce Five

It's no shock to anybody that Ashley and I are obsessed with the olympics. This past summer ash and I had our eyes glued to the T.V. any chance we could to watch Team U.S.A. compete in England. Our favorite event during the summer is gymnastics. It was so cool watching the fierce 5 win gold for the U.S. Closely after the closing ceremonies they announced that the girls would be going on tour sponsored by Kelloggs! Of course we bought tickets.

On Sunday Ash and I ventured out to Brooklyn to the new Barclays center to see them and many other notable gymnasts perform. It was so cool seeing them perform live. The pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but here are some highlights.

On our way home we did a little shopping on 5th avenue! I love all of the Christmas decorations!!

Until Next Time

November 20, 2012

Catching Up With Shelby!

I have been extremely busy the past few weeks. I have done a lot so I'm just going to give you a few highlights of my favorite things I did!
As most of you know I am completely OBSESSED with One Direction. They were in town last week to perform on the Today Show. My friends Chandler and Allix joined me in our quest to meet the boys. Let's just say we spent waaay to much time outside their hotel. We also sweet talked some girls into holding our spot in line at the today show, so we didn't have to sleep on the street. I'm not sure how we pulled that off.

We also celebrated my best friend Daniella's birthday! We had brunch at one of our favorite places Sarabeth's, walked around the plaza, ice skated, and had a wine night! Perfect celebration to me!

Then Allix, Chandler and I did a little more stalking at the boys hotel and we came across Janet Jackson.

An amazing One direction store opened right by Madison Square Garden in preparation for the boys concert there on December 3rd. Safe to say we had way too much fun. I wont bore you with all of the pictures, but here are a few!

And last but not least...I'm writing this blog post to you from 30,000 feet in the air. Ash And I are on our way back to Dallas for Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have a great holiday week!
Until Next Time