November 8, 2012


Just one week after hurricane sandy NYC got hit with a snowstorm. So many people are still without power and have damage to their homes and this just contributed to the mess. However, being from Texas, snow still excited us. We had a little adventure into the blizzard last night.

 We did get snow in Dallas but it was generally just about once a year. Because it always felt like a magical treat when it snowed going out and playing in it was always on the agenda when the opportunity presented itself.

Our friend Chandler was displaced by Sandy and she's staying with us. She's also from Dallas so she happily joined in our snow adventure. 

 I think it's time i finally break down and buy some winter boots. It was extremely hard to walk in this.

Shelby made a snowball. 



Sisters in the Snow :)

 We ended up getting about 5 inches of snow wich broke all kinds of records. So crazy. If the past couple of weeks are any indication I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the crazy weather.

Until next time

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