February 13, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 6

We are so very sorry of the delay of this post. We both have been extremely busy. 

Day 36: Shelby's obsession with soy latte's and cookies has gotten a little out of hand.

Day 37: Shelby and her friend Allix spontaneously decided to get matching ear piercings!

Day 38: We watched the Olympics opening ceremonies!

Day 39: We've recently tried a new chinese restaurant that delivers right to our door!

Day 40: It was time for a run to Trader Joe's to pick up some of our favorite things.

Day 41: Shelby has recently discovered some vegetables she likes to eat. Who would have ever thought this day would come!?

Day 42: Our mom sent us Red Velvet flavored M&M's. They are fantastic!

Ashley and I are both trying to catch up on our lives. Coming up next I am finally going to get my post on my trip to Puerto Rico up! Stay tuned!

Ashley & Shelby

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