August 12, 2012

Afternoon Tea

In true British style Ash and I went to have afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup. We had been wanting to try this boutique tea shop for awhile, and we were so delighted when we stumbled upon it today.

So Cute!

After a short ten minute wait we went inside for our tea!

The riddle that we were not smart enough to figure out.

A very cool Alice in Wonderland painting on the wall.

I love the mismatched tea cups and plates!

We get so happy about afternoon tea!

 We each got our own teapot! So fun!

 I think it's safe to say I really wish that I was British! I think we can make afternoon tea a staple in the U.S too right?

This was my chocolate chip butterscotch scone. This was absolutely to die for! It was gigantic, but you know I ate that whole thing! ;)

We believe there was only one waitress working the entire restaurant, so we figured that's why it was taking a very long time to get our tea. As we were getting ready to pay our waitress offered us a free scone on the house. Of course we don't pass up free food, especially scones. We chose a tomato basil scone. It smells delicious. I can't wait to dig into that.

Until next time

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