August 11, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

 This has been a crazy week! In some respects I feel like I can't believe I live here and I need to go catch my plane back to Dallas. Other moments I feel like I've been here forever. 

The highlight of the week was probably the moment we were all unpacked and I took a deep breath and realized, this is it. I'm here. The lowpoint is probably when Shelby was cooking dinner one night this week and set off the fire alarm in our apartment. As I'm writing this Shelby is cooking dinner and she just banged her head on the corner of the kitchen cabinet and has a bump on her head. Maybe she shouldn't be allowed to cook anymore? Actually I say it's karma for slamming the door on my arm last weekend. Still have that bruise in case anyone is wondering.

Today we decided to take a walk and explore our neighborhood a little bit. We took Pixie with us. For those who don't know Pixie is a very lazy indoor dog. She doesn't like to walk on or over anything, she always goes around whatever is in her path. This tactic doesn't work so well on the dirty streets of NY. Poor thing was weaving all over the place trying to dodge leaves, puddles, and trash. I can only imagine the dialogue going on in her head as she was walking. It probably went something like "ew, ew, ew, ew, ew", lol. She also doesn't grasp the concept of stopping at lights yet. She kept looking up at us like, "Guys, why are we just standing here?". There are a TON of dogs in our neighborhood so Pixie makes a lot of friends. 

We ended up walking a couple of blocks east over to the East River. There is a walking and biking trail along the river that's pretty fun to walk along. It was cool to see the boats floating by. That's one of the amazing things about this city- sometimes there are moments where you don't feel like you're in a gigantic city at all.

By the time we got to the river Pixie had a sit down strike and decided she was done walking. Honestly, I don't blame her. It was hot. 

Shelby and I continued our tour of the neighborhood while Pixie got carried. I love how her expression in this picture really portrays her emotion at the time, ha ha. 

Lucky dog even got the prime spot in front of the AC when we got back to the apartment. And I even brought over her water bowl. But she's not spoiled or anything.......

Now that we are just about settled we are starting to make our list of things we want to make sure to do over the next couple of weeks before Shelby starts back to school. Any suggestions? 

 Until next time

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