August 6, 2012

Here We Go...

Well guys, we made it! It has been a CRAZY few days. 

We had a very early flight out on Saturday morning. Please excuse the fact that we look gross. It was Pixie's first flight! She did really well! She only really barked when we were sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane. 

Pixie's on a plane

We arrived in NYC and met up with our parents who had driven all the way from Dallas with a truck full of our belongings (THANK YOU PARENTS!!). 

Unloading a truck and moving items up 6 flights of stairs (in no AC) is not fun. Thank goodness for the world's best movers. Seriously...they were amazing. We look way happier below than we actually were, ha ha. 

The AC situation was quickly becoming a concern. We knew coming into this that there was no AC but we really didn't think it would be that big of a deal. There are tons of places here that don't have it. But that first day without AC really had us questioning why we signed up for this. Poor Pixie was miserable and I was beginning to become concerned for her well being. Don't worry though- day 2 we resolved the situation. We bought and installed a very ugly AC but the apartment is now cool so I'm not complaining. 

At some point we became hungry and Shelby went to make a sandwich. She knew we had bread but couldn't find it. Not all that surprising as no one could find anything amid the crazy array of boxes. She called out "Where's the bread?" and our Mom replied with "It's in the bathtub"......because that's a logical place to store the bread.......

We LOVE mac and cheese. Especially WalMart's brand of mac and cheese which we can't get in NYC. Think we have enough to get us started? Any bets on how long that will last us?

Three straight days of putting together furniture. This man deserves some sort of award. Or a hug. 

We made it through the whole process with only one minor injury. Yes, this is my arm. You'll have to ask Shelby why she tried to kill me with a door. 

We're ready to be done unpacking and finally get settled in. Stay tuned...many more updates to come!



  1. So I thought when you had no AC that you meant it hadn't been turned on yet....not that there really was none! No ma'am! Glad you got one regardless of how ugly it is!! Miss you girls!

    1. Ugh, no it just didn't exist. Should have thought about the fact that being 6 floors up it would have been even hotter since we had major issues on the third floor at Baylor.

  2. P.S. - of course the bread was in the tub! I can't even believe your mom had to tell you that! HAHA!!