August 27, 2012

First Day of School!

Well folks, it's back to that time again. The school supplies are flying off the shelves and everyone is searching for that perfect first day of school outfit. I just personally can not believe that today was my first day of my sophomore year of college. I can't believe that I am that old already. I'm so thankful that I am fortunate enough to attend my dream school in New York City!

We started it off last night with Ashley cooking me my favorite meal of mac and cheese for dinner!

 In true British fashion I started off my morning with tea and an english muffin.

 Halfway done getting ready. Mornings are rough!

 I couldn't leave without a first day of school picture.

 Pixie was sad that her snuggle buddy (me) was leaving for the day. :(

 Reunited with my best friends!!!!




 I got to take a new picture because I am a commuter now. My old picture was horrendous! So glad I have a new one.

I had two classes today, Textiles and Biology. I am the not so smart one to schedule both of those classes on the same day let alone on a Monday. I'll let you know in a few weeks how much I am regretting that decision. I had lunch with my good friend Collin and made it through both of my classes in one piece.

After my 45 minute commute home I am now faced at the task of putting together my swatch kit and reading two chapters of my textile book before wednesday! Welcome to college.

Tomorrow is already looking promising because my 2nd class of the day has been canceled.

Until next time

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