August 27, 2012

Laundry, Movies, and Shopping

We didn't do to much this past weekend as Shelby starts school today and needed some time to get herself ready. The first thing on our to do list for the weekend though was much needed....laundry. You may not be aware but most NYC apartments do not come with a washer/dryer (nor is there space for them). Some will have a laundry room in the building for everyone to use- ours does not. Finding a laundromat and sitting there for half a day watching my clothes get clean does not sound like a good use of my time. Plus, I haven't seen any around here anyway. What does seem to be on every corner though are dry cleaners that also do laundry. You walk in, hand them a bag of dirty cloths, and pick it up later all clean and folded. This was a process I was familiar with as this is exactly what I did last time I lived here while I was interning. Our closest dry cleaner happens to be about five steps from the front door of our building so it's very convenient but they will also pick up and deliver. You can have just about anything delivered here but that's a post for another day....

This is what the bag looks like when you pick it up

And this is what's inside. All of your clean clothes folded and shrink wrapped. 

We also went to a movie this weekend. Movie prices are pretty crazy here. Depending on the movie theater it can be $15-$20 for a ticket for the evening shows. Even matinees are still around $13. We have discovered the brilliance of the morning movie. Movies before noon are only $6. With morning movies comes the morning movie crowd though. It was a bit interesting to be one of the only people in the theater that actually came to the movie with another person. Apparently there are lots of solo movie goers in NYC. 

We also did a little shopping this weekend. Shelby drug me to the Forever 21 in Times Square. As a rule I avoid this area and was not excited about shopping in this store as I expected it to be four floors of a disaster zone. However, I have to say I was majorly impressed with how well kept up it was. I actually don't think I have ever been into a Forever 21 that's been as organized as this one was- and this is a gigantic store. It wasn't even packed with as many people as I was expecting. I mean, there were a lot of people, but I never felt cramped or that I couldn't look at whatever I wanted to look at because there were to many people in the way. All I walked out with was a pair of leggings, maybe I was overwhelmed by choice, but that is definitely a store I would return to.

 Until next time

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