August 19, 2012

Trader Joe's

Well, we have officially been here for two weeks. We were so happy to find that we had many grocery stores very close to our apartment. Unfortunately since we have to carry all of our groceries back on foot we have to go to the store a couple times a week instead of just once a week or once every two weeks. After shopping at the stores around us a few times we have been very uninspired by the selection that they have. We decided to bite the bullet and go to Trader Joe's. We both love Trader Joe's there just isn't one close. Let me tell you Ash and I are both so glad that we decided to go.

We found a ton of our favorite things for cheap prices. None of this was more than $5 which is so hard to find here in the city.

 We went to the Trader Joe's at Union Square which is the only one with a separate wine shop. Their own brand of wine is only $2.99. We have heard good things about it so let's hope it lives up.

 This is by far my favorite wine (for obvious reasons). We found it at Trader Joe's for $8.99. That's less than what you find it on sale for in Texas.

Trader Joe's is somewhat like Whole Foods, but they have their own brand of most of their products. I had only gone once last year when I was living in the dorms, partially because I didn't want to walk far with handfuls of groceries when Whole Foods was right down the street. I think it's safe to say that Ash and I will be doing most of our shopping at Trader Joe's from now on.

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  1. We're excited for the one in Plano to open soon! We loved it when we went to California!