August 7, 2012

"The Loo"

Well Ladies and Gents,

We have most everything settled into the apartment after three LONG days of unpacking, hanging, and organizing. We will be putting up a new post everyday with our favorite room of the day. Todays room......
The Loo!
It's no secret that Ashley and I are obsessed with all things British. We knew that we wanted to incorporate our love for the Brits somewhere in the apartment, we just didn't know just how. After a long trip at Target to pick out apartment decorations I jokingly pointed out a shower curtain of the London underground map. Ashley and Mom jumped at it, and before I could say that I was just kidding they were already aisles down picking out coordinating towels! By that point I had no choice, our bathroom had become our tribute to England.

By the next time we travel to England we will have the entire underground memorized!

We loved the bright colors in the shower curtain so we decided to keep it going with our towels!

Of course we had to stick Big Ben in! Wouldn't be England without it!

When I went shopping for household items for mom to pack I came across these olympic themed kleenex boxes. I thought they were just perfect. We are even recycling some of our old tea cans from Harrods for storage!

This is personally my FAVORITE part of the apartment. We used some postcards and a magazine we picked up in London last summer to make a collage. Hopefully this will make us feel more like princesses! We are living vicariously through Princess Kate. Unfortunately my postcard of Prince Harry didn't make the cut. Maybe I will just make an homage to him in my room.

Tune in tomorrow for a new room of the day!

Pip pip! Long Live The Queen!


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  1. LOVE IT ALL!! Too fun! I love the colors! Love the idea of posting one room a day!