August 10, 2012

Last but not least

If you've stuck with us all week, thanks! If this is your first time stopping by make sure you go back here, here, here, here and here to read the previous posts on this subject. Last but certainly not least is
Ashley's Room

Welcome! Come on in!!

 Apparently I'm really into orange right now. Hence why my duvet, laptop wallpaper, and phone case are all currently orange. Brittany- do this pictures above my bed look familiar? ;)

Organizing my closet was interesting. In fact I think I should win a gold medal (do you like that Olympic tie in?). You don't want to see what it looks like under my bed. That picture was strategically left off this post. Actually, we are lucky our bedrooms even have closets. Several of the apartments we looked at did not.

I wanted a bookshelf to house the random things that wouldn't fit in the closet (or under the bed) and to display some of my favorite books. 

Being the OCD person I am of course my books are organized by type- travel on one shelf fashion on another. They are also organized by size. I contemplated by color as well but thought that might have been a little to much, ha ha.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope y'all have a great weekend! Come back soon to learn about our newest adventures in the city.


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