December 10, 2012

Holiday Windows

I love how New York City transforms during the holidays. One of my favorite things, besides the tree at Rockefeller Center, are all of the department store windows.

Saks Fifth Avenue:
We loved this snowglobe display. The shelves flipped so the snow globes got turned over. 

We even spotted a Texas one!

The sweet dog in this one reminded us of Pixie

And this one looks like us :)

Henry Bendal:
We love Bendals!

This dress is made of cupcake liners

And this suit is decoupaged with old photos

We love this giant snowflake that hangs over Fifth Avenue

The windows at Tiffany's are small but impact full

Each window looked like a room in a house decorated with beautiful jewelry

Bergdorf Goodman:
The Bergdorf windows were filled with very glamourus scenes. 

This all white window was breathtaking in person

So was this very sparkly window

We spotted this cute shoe and Shelby had to take a picture with it :)

 Classic Macy's

 Loved this cute scene of NYC staples

 This Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade window was also great

 But my favorite was this window which was showing Make-A-Wish wishes and pictures on the books. The books were digital so there were tons of wishes scrolling by. 

Until next time

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