December 15, 2012

Max Brenner

If you love chocolate you'll want to pay attention to this post (and who doesn't love chocolate?) I have been to Max Brenner multiple times before, but this was my first time to take Ashley and Mom! They loved it!

They have really cool cups. This one is designed so that the chocolate melts and goes into the coffee. 

This tea apparatus was really fun. The bottom of it sits onto the top of the cup and when you press down the tea comes out.

Mom ordered a sandwich and the "bread" was rosemary waffles.

Ashley ordered a yummy pannini but the highlight was the waffle fries that were dusted with coco and chili powder.

I was boring and ordered eggs but my meal came with chocolate sauce I could put on my biscuit.

This is another type of cup they have called a "hug mug". There are no handles and it's meant to be cupped as Ashley is demonstrating

Our dessert was a peanut butter and marshmellow pizza. It was so yummy!

If you're a fan of everything sweet make sure you make a stop at Max Brenner next time you're in the city. 
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