December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

In our family we celebrate Christmas with our immediate family on Christmas Eve. We usually go to dinner somewhere and then open presents. This tradition started accidentally a few years ago when one Christmas Eve we were trying to make our way to our grandparents house and had to turn around as there was bad weather and the highways were getting icy. This Christmas Eve our Dad had us all fill out a little questionnaire asking about our favorite Christmas traditions. Most of us said that that mis-adventure to our grandparents house was our favorite Christmas. The majority of us also said that Oh Holy Night is our favorite Christmas song which I thought was hilarious. Of all the Christmas songs out there we all pick the same one. We also talked about our favorite Christmas present ever received which was fun to look back on. 

This Christmas Eve we went to a nice family dinner (how adorable is our Dad in his Christmas bow tie?)
Then we came home and opened a bottle of wine our parents purchased in Napa that we've been saving. It was our favorite wine we tasted and it was so nice to have a glass of it and think back on that amazing trip. 
We distributed the gifts and had a lovely evening opening them and sharing some family bonding time. My favorite moment on Christmas is always seeing my friends and family open the gifts I have picked out for them. 
Ethan pulled a bow off of one of his packages and put it on Shelby's head...
Then Shelby put one of her bows on my head....
And before we knew it we all had bows on our heads....
Pixie too! :)

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

Until Next Time

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