December 5, 2013


After our very early Macy's Thanksgiving Parade adventure Ash and I headed back to our apartment to set up for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of my friends stayed in the city this year because we all had exams the next week. Everyone came over for Friendsgiving. We had an absolute blast, and we definitely ate more than I ever thought we could!

I made the pumpkin stuffed shells that I wrote a blog post on earlier this year. We also had stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, cornbread and all of the Thanksgiving munchies!

Can't forget the dessert table!

Just Yum!

Bubba came over for a little bit to celebrate!




Had such a blast with them! They are definitely family!<3

Seester love!

Post Food cuddles on the couch!

The next day Ash and I ventured down to Herald Square to pick up some Black Friday deals. I will probably never do that again!

It wouldn't be a Dunn sister outing without funny pictures!

This was our first Thanksgiving not spent with Family back in Texas. It was so much fun, and ashley and I are so blessed and thankful for everyone, and everything we have in our lives. We hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving!


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