September 1, 2012

The Today Show

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5 am to go to the Today Show with my friends Daniella and Marielis. Yes, I said 5 am. It was not my proudest moment. We were so excited though because Jason Mraz and Christina Perri were performing. By the time we got there we were about halfway through the crowd and it was really hard to see.

 5 am and very tired and excited.

Our view from where we were standing.

So excited for the concert.

We arrived early enough that we got to hear the sound check.

Al Roker!

Unfortunately right before the show started Marielis started feeling very dizzy and faint. She was about to pass out so Daniella and I walked her out of the crowd and into the NBC building where the medics were. Marielis ended up being just fine and we actually got a much better view of the concert inside than we did outside. So, we could say it was a blessing in disguise. Jason and Christina walked right past us inside when going back to their dressing rooms.

Jason Mraz!

We were there with the medic for about 30 minutes and she had a lot of fun stories about the different celebrities that come and perform there. She told us that when One Direction was there a fan scratched Harry's hand really bad and she had to fix it. She said he was really sweet about it and he kept asking her, "Can you please go get my mum?" SO CUTE!!

Macaroons in Rockefeller Center!

What are you up to on this holiday weekend?

Until next time

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