September 19, 2012

A trip to the park


 The weather was so beautiful this past weekend that we spent the majority of our time outside. On Sunday we decided to take Pixie on her first trip to Central Park. She had so much fun! She loves seeing all of the other dogs and she made friends with lots of them along our way. The funniest moment was when we were passing by this huge fluffy dog and as soon as he saw Pixie he haulted in his tracks and refused to move because he was afraid of her...afraid of my 5 lbs dog. His head was as big as Pixie's whole body but he was petrified. It was hilarious. One of Pixie's favorite things to do is sit outside- just sit. So she truly enjoyed our little picnic. Can't wait to do it again soon!

Until next time

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  1. well pix is one intimidating dog!! ;) Give her a smooch and a hug from me!