September 3, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

Yesterday after Ash and I got up and did a little (okay a lot) of shopping we headed on over for a little fun at the Central Park Zoo! Now we have had some fun at zoo's together in the past. Our specialty is taking funny pictures with the animals. Unfortunately this zoo didn't even compare to the Dallas or Ft. Worth Zoos. There were not many ample opportunities to take pictures with the animals but we got some fun ones of the animals themselves.

I love the peacock! It's so beautiful!

The poor polar bear was so hot. I felt bad for him!

We have a slight obsession with penguins.

A Puffin!!

We got a little too excited about the puffins.

Then we found some familiar faces from our backyard at home ;)

This baby goat looks like a dachshund!

Yes, I even fed a cow!

Overall it was a pretty fun day! We love to go play with animals.

Until next time.