September 16, 2012


It was so beautiful in NYC this weekend that Shelby and I tried to spend as much time as possible outside. On Saturday we decided to venture down to Brooklyn to check out this food fair I'd heard about called Smorgasburg. There were so many interesting food booths we are going to have to make several trips back just to try everything. Here's a taste of our experience.

There were a lot of people. Maybe it had something to do with the dumpling eating contest going on?

First stop of the day- the S'more booth. Yes, that is a guy with a blow torch making the s'mores. Ours was very yummy. We started and ended the day with dessert- as every day should be :)

 Next stop was the falafel booth. We tried the cilantro lime one which was very tasty. Next time I want to try the BBQ one.

Then we proceeded to stand in one of the longest lines in the whole place for what else- grilled cheese. A long line usually means good food and this grilled cheese from the Milk Truck did not disappoint. 

 We were in Williamsburg, Brooklyn right on the East River and had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. We sat out on the pier for awhile people watching and enjoying the beautiful fall day.

 Last stop of the day was The Good Batch for this monster ice cream sandwich. It was such a great combination of flavors but so rich we couldn't even finish it.

Next time we also want to venture over to the Brooklyn Flea. Neither of us have ever been. 

Until next time

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