March 23, 2013

Book Of Mormon!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Our brother Ethan is in town, and he took us to go see Book of Mormon. I have seen the show before, but this was Ashley and Ethan's first time to see it. Let's just say it's a very explicit show, but absolutely hilarious.

We picked this show because one of our good friends Candace Woods has now been cast in it. Candace went to Naaman Forest, where all three of us graduated from. She is the absolute sweetest and incredibly talented. She took us backstage after the show! So cool to see the view that she sees every night.

I missed this kid!

It's fun for us all to be reunited for a little bit!

I am now on my spring break, so hopefully I can have a little fun on my few days off. Unfortunately I don't get the whole week off because I will be interning four days of the week. 

Until Next Time

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