February 3, 2013

British Invasion: Olly Murs and Lawson

We've gone to several concerts lately. A couple of weeks ago we went to Olly Murs' first NYC concert at Irving Plaza. Olly Murs was runner up on X Factor in the UK. 

Jamming to the music.

It was SO cold in NYC that week that after the concert we grabbed a coffee to keep us warm on the walk home. 


The opening act for both concerts we went to ended up being the same band. They are called Delesea. 

 Turns out this guy is Kevin Jonas' brother in law. Kevin and his wife were at the second concert filming their reality show. So if we end up on TV this is why :)


 Lawson performed at The Bowery Ballroom and it was also their first NYC concert. They are also from the UK. 

The band consists of Andy Brown (acoustic guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Fletcher (bass guitar and backing vocals), Joel Peat (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Adam Pitts (drums) 

 The band was first called The Grove, then all the boys realised it wasn't very effective, so after discussion and a few other suggestions such as 'Skin' which was suggested by Ryan, they all agreed on 'Lawson'. This is because at the age of 18, Brown was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which left him with a small scar behind his right ear and the loss of his hearing in the same ear.. When deciding on the band name, Andy told his story, all the members thought it was so inspiring and touching that the name 'Lawson' (the name of the surgeon who operated on the tumour) would be perfect for the band. 

All of the bands are great and if you have never heard of them I highly suggest you check out their music. 

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