February 24, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Last week Shelby and I ventured over to Lincoln Center to see the New York City ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty. Shelby is in a class this semester which requires her to see a live performance at some point over the semester. She chose Sleeping Beauty and I tagged along. I actually saw a local production of this ballet when I was little so I had seen it before although I didn't remember much.

I love Lincoln Center at night. Doesn't this picture look like an architectural mock up drawing with fake people they would use for publicity to show what was being built? It's not though, ha ha.

I think this exact picture has already been shared here but here's another :)
We bought the tickets pretty last minute so we ended up with seats on the top level of the venue. What we didn't realize beforehand was that our seats were a single row along the balcony....

...so we were actually sitting single file with Shelby's seat directly behind mine.  
 At first we were a little hesitant mostly because we were really high and had to lean over the balcony a little to be able to see the whole stage. However, once the ballet started, we ended up really liking this because we had a good aeriel view of the whole stage so we could see everything easily. 

 The ballet was very good. I'm glad there was a detailed synopsis in the playbill as otherwise it would have been a little hard to figure out what was going on. All the dancers were very good (and we are harsh judges) and I was particularly impressed with all of the little kids in the production.This is the second New York City ballet production we've been to and have really enjoyed. If you ever get a chance to go we recommend it!

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