February 4, 2013


 One of my Christmas presents from Ashley was tickets to see Cinderella the Musical! If you know me at all, you know that this is a perfect present for me. I love all things Disney. Although Beauty and The Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie, Cinderella is definitely my runner up! I love it so much.

We departed our apartment for an 8:00 show at 7:00. In the city that is plenty of time to get down to the theater. Unfortunately when we got to the subway they were delayed and extremely full. We opted to go back up and just hop in a cab. No problem right? Wrong! For a Saturday night there were absolutely no cabs. We were shocked. We walked all the way to 5th Avenue stopping at every street on the way. No cabs whatsoever. In the middle of this it started snowing making it even harder to get a cab. By this point it was 7:50. Needless to say I was freaking out! We finally got a cab at 7:56, made it to the theater at 8:08, and surprise to us they hadn't started yet. We got there right on time!

The show was so much fun! I definitely felt like a princess watching it. Afterwards Ash and I were so hungry so we decided to stop off at one of our favorite spots in midtown, Ellen's Stardust Diner. All the waiters and waitresses are aspiring musical theater actors so they are singing and entertaining the whole time. It's such a blast.

 Since it was late we opted to just get coffee and dessert. Little did we know that their slices of cake are massive!

 We always enjoy being serenaded!

We had such a fun night! Thanks Ash for my tickets!

Until next time

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