February 9, 2013

A Little Fun With Nemo!

As most of you may know, the Northeast was hit Friday night with a super storm! The result, a blizzard named Nemo! Most of it happened during the night, so when we woke up Saturday morning we were so excited to see the massive amounts of snow. Being from Texas, this is very exciting. We decided to take the short walk to Central Park for a little adventure. It was the most fun that we have both had in awhile. It was nice to be carefree.

Posing on our way to the park.

Having so much fun!

I felt like a little kid!

 I have never seen the park look so beautiful!

So much snow!

Ashley having a little fun!

Sisters in the snow!<3

So beautiful!

So many little kids bringing sleds to the park for some fun!

Such a pretty day!

We took a pitstop at the bathroom...and my nose started bleeding. As you can tell from the picture I was not amused that Ashley wanted to document this....

I felt like we were in Scotland!

 So many snowmen around the park!

On our walk home! So happy with the snow!

Yep, this is basically every car in Manhattan right now!

We had so much fun today! A once in a lifetime experience for sure! 

Until Next Time

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