January 30, 2013

Spring 2013 Internship: Jessica Simpson

Hello Everyone!
So if you didn't know, this semester I am interning with Jessica Simpson. I'm a sales intern in their dress department. For you fashionistas, Jessica licenses out her dresses to a company called G-III. That's who's office I am in. I have successfully completed three days of my internship and I absolutely love it. I have already learned so much. I cant wait to see what else I get to do.

Here is the view from my desk on the 38th floor.

As an intern, I'm stuck doing most of the grunt work. I have done a lot of running to the mailroom, delivering dresses around the garment district, dressing mannequins to take pictures, and making line sheets.

Today we were having an approval meeting in the office. This is a huge thing that took a lot of preparing. Jessica didn't come in today, but her mom and team were here. I did a lot of coffee runs and various errands for Tina. It was such a cool experience. I also got the privilege of wearing one of the dresses for the new line today. I'm in love!

Interning has been such a cool experience so far! I can't wait to update you all soon with more details!

Until next time

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