May 14, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 19

This week was filled with lots of sickness, a concert, and some surprises in the mail

Day 126: Ashley's intern caught sleeping on the job again. 
Day 127: Shelby attended a concert by one of her favorite bands- The 1975
Day 128: Sick Selfie #1. Both of us seemed to have come down with some sort of virus that must be terribly contagious because everyone we have come in contact with over the past few days is experiencing the same symptoms. Good times. 
Day 129: Sick Selfie #2. We drug ourselves out of bed to go see a movie which we thought would be a relaxing activity. Turns out both of us had trouble making it back home without passing out from exhaustion. Deciding that anything but our beds was to taxing of an experience we spent the rest of the day sleeping in hopes of this terrible sickness going away. 
Day 130: It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we drug ourselves out of bed long enough to go enjoy brunch outside at Bocca down the street from us. Turns out sunglasses and lipstick are great tools to hide the fact you feel like crap. After brunch it was back to bed. Ugh, whatever this flu like thing is needs to go away, like now. 
Day 131: Ashley's Birchbox came in the mail today which is always a happy day. If you're interested in learning more about Birchbox click here
Day 132: The coffee fairy delivered lots of coffee today. Just in time to as we finished the last of our supply off this morning. (Thanks Dad!!)

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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