May 7, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 16, 17, 18

So, we're behind a little again.....oops. 
Prepare yourself for 3 weeks worth of photos!

Day 105: We tried Blue Apron for the first time. Our first box arrived today
 Day 106: Scandal finale day! All ready with my popcorn and wine aka the Oliva Pope dinner
 Day 107: Got a surprise Easter package in the mail from our Aunt including the world's largest bag of kettle corn. It didn't take long for that bag to disappear....
 Day 108: Spring Cleaning Day. Since Spring has finally decided to come out for good in NYC it's time to put the coats and sweaters away and pull out the dresses and tank tops. Pixie thought the giant pile of clothes was for another purpose. 
 Day 109: Easter Sunday
 Day 110: Shelby returned from TX and brought me a fun surprise- kolaches from Czech stop in West, TX
Day 111: I had to make a quick trip to DC for work. The trash cans at JFK are automatic. The idea is that when you walk up to throw something away the door swings open so you can drop your trash in. What the automatic trash can designer didn't seem to consider is the fact that when you place an automatic trash can in a very busy airport every time someone walks by the door is going to open. Seems like a giant waste of energy to me....
Day 112: Another surprise from TX- our Aunt's delicious chocolate pie. This has to be the world's most traveled pie. It went from Austin to Waco to Dallas to NYC all with the goal of ending in my stomach :)
Day 113: Pixie's eye's in this picture say it all. "Get. Her. Away. From. Me"
 Day 114: Friday. Enough said. 
Day 115: Went to see this amazing ballet production of Snow White. John Paul Gaultier designed the costumes. Seriously, look it up on YouTube. So good!
 Day 116: It's a running joke in our family that my childhood artwork was never displayed by our parents while Shelby and Ethan's was framed! and hung up. Shelby made up for it by hanging up my proudly completed artwork from my Frozen coloring book. Yes, we have a Frozen coloring book. Jealous? 
 Day 117: Selfie with my new bangs. Woke up on Saturday morning and decided to chop them off. Loving it so far!
 Day 118: Loving these Jalapeno Cheddar tortilla chips! Kind of healthier version of nacho cheese doritos. 
 Day 119: Lunch
 Day 120: Had to make an emergency AM run to Duane Reade for toilet paper. Never go to Duane Reade before 8AM hungry or you come home with this. 
 Day 121: It's Friday!!! Party time!
 Day 122: We didn't even get out of bed today. Sister snuggle time!
 Day 123: Brunch with Ethan at The Smile in NoHo with the world's best latte
Day 124: Our Cinco de Mayo feast!
 Day 125: Finally caught Pixie's extremely strange first piece of food eating ritual on video. She picks out one piece of food from her bowl and stalks it like prey for a good 20 minutes before she eats it. 

If you made it through all that Congratulations!

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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