November 25, 2013

Travel Diaries | Boston, Massachusetts

Last weekend my dad was in Boston for a work conference, and at the last minute...and I mean really last dad invited me to come out to see him for 24 hours! I had about 20 minutes to pack my bag and head over to Penn Station to catch my 5:00 train. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to get from NYC to Boston by train. I got to my hotel around 10, and had just enough time to have a quick drink at the hotel with my brother and my dad.

My dad was in his conference from 8-5, so Ethan and I headed out to explore the city.

This building reminded us of the flat iron building here in NYC!

After my dad was done with his conference for the day he took Ethan and I to a quick dinner before I head to head back to NYC!

Beautiful Boston sunset!

 Jumped on a super quick flight back to NYC!

It was such a whirlwind trip that I didn't even get any pictures with my dad or Ethan! But, thanks anyway daddy for bringing me along! Nothing like being spontaneous!


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