November 13, 2013

San Francisco | Day Two

 Day two in San Fran started off great as it was day one of Starbucks red cups! Nothing better this time of year than a peppermint mocha to start your day.
The only thing I said I wanted to do while we were in town was to visit two of the Full House locations. The painted ladies sit across from Alamo Square Park and this scene was part of the opening credits. It was so pretty!
Off to destination number two! This house served as the exterior shot of the Full House house. It's been painted since so it may not look familiar to you but this is it!
Driving down all these San Fran hills is a little bit like riding a roller coaster...
Our final San Fran destination was the Golden Gate bridge for some obligatory tourist photos.
Driving over the bridge and off to Napa!

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