November 9, 2013

Shelby's Birthday | Part Three(The Big Day)

I'M FINALLY 21!!!!
Well, the big day finally arrived! Ashley woke me up before school and "made" me take a shot as I was walking out the door. I guess that means I started my 21st birthday off right! I had class all day, so the day time wasn't met with much celebrating. On monday's, I have lunch with Allix, Daniella, and Marielis at Sweet Green. We had a marvelous time, and Allix surprised me with my favorite cupcakes!

Ashley had planned surprises for the evening. Right when I got out of school she gave me an address to meet her at. Turns out it was for DreamDry, a place I have been dying to go to!

DreamDry is a blowout bar. You go and they wash your hair, then style it however you would like. My two favorite things; getting my hair done and champagne!

The finished product!

After we got our hair done, Ethan met us at Eataly for dinner!

As we were waiting for our table, Ashley wanted me to make my first "legal" purchase, so we walked over to the wine shop at Eataly, and to my surprise received a free wine tasting. 

At dinner I received free birthday Proseco and wine! Double fisting is definitely appropriate on your 21st Birthday!

I have come to the conclusion that on your birthday you receive a lot of free alcohol. It was such a perfect weekend and day. We cut the night short after dinner because frankly Ashley and I were so exhausted with all of our prior travels, and Ethan had to be on a plane to Los Angeles the next morning at 4 A.M.

Now off to celebrate in California!


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