November 10, 2013

Day in Waco: Baylor Homecoming

Last week I had a work trip to Dallas that happened to coincide with Baylor's homecoming. The game was sold out so I didn't have plans to attend but my Mom and I drove down to Waco for the day to hit a few of my favorite spots and then meet up with some family. Our first stop was the Baylor bookstore to stock up on some new Baylor gear. Then we stopped by the bear pit to say hi to Judge and Lady. For those that don't know Baylor has two live mascots that reside in a bear habitat on campas. This one was hamming it up for all the cameras. 

After the bear pit we went to one of my favorite lunch spots, Food for Thought. The highlight for me is taking home a new plastic cup. I have so many of these in a variety of colors from over the years. It's usually a great spot but we waited over an hour for our food which was pretty annoying but at least it was good when we finally got it. 

After lunch we went to my favorite local coffee shop- Common Grounds. This was my favorite study spot as a student. When I was in town over the summer it was closed for renovations so I was excited to actually get to order something this time.

They had some fall specials so of course I had to try their pumpkin spice lattes.  

After coffee we heading to my grandparents house. I found these headbands with some Halloween decorations and put the sequin one on my Grandpa. He wore it all afternoon and he looked adorable :)

We met up for dinner with some more family at La Fiesta- my favorite Waco Mexican restaurant. 

The whole gang!

It was a busy day but I was so glad to fit everything in that we did. 

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