October 17, 2013

Concert Update!

It's no surprise how into music Ashley and I are. We have gone to a couple of concerts in the past couple weeks.


I met up with Allix, Daniella, and Marielis to go see Bastille at Bowery Ballroom. It was such a fun night amidst all of our stress with midterms coming up. Bastille is a indie/alternative/rock band from the UK. It is definitely worth it to check them out. We have been big fans of theirs for awhile, but they just dropped their album here in the U.S. You might have heard their song Pompeii on the radio. I was fortunate enough to buy their C.D. while I was over in the  UK earlier this year. It is definitely a must buy.

During one of the songs the lead singer, Dan, came into the audience and sang his song from there. He walked right up to us. It was such a cool moment.

The 1975

The 1975 is an indie/rock band from Manchester, England. They have been together for ten years, but have not been fortunate enough to release an album until last month. We discovered them at the beginning of this year and have been in love ever since. Their self titled album is absolutely brilliant. I met up with Allix for their show and it was perfect. We met a guy who works for them at the show, and he told us where to go afterwards so we could meet the band. It was a perfect night!

The band were playing two nights at the Bowery Ballroom. We went the first night, and were so sad that we were missing the second night, so Allix and I bought last minute tickets and met up with our friend Kendal to see the boys again!


My second night seeing The 1975, Ashley and Ethan headed off to see Switchfoot at the Gramercy Theatre. They have both been a big fan of the band for awhile, and Ashley saw them in concert when she was at Baylor. Switchfoot is an alternative rock band from San Diego. You might know one of their iconic songs "Dare You To Move". Ashley and Ethan had a great night.

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