October 30, 2013

Shelby's Birthday | Part One

We always go all out for our birthdays. We usually make it into a weekend or week long celebration. This year was no different for my 21st birthday. Ashley was still out of town, so I was told by two of my best friends Marielis and Daniella to be ready by 10:30 for a surprise with them. Little did I know that this was a surprise that had been planned for months and that Ashley was a part of it.

We ended up down in TriBeCa at one of my favorite restaurants, Sarabeth's. As soon as we got there, out pops Chandler and Allix with balloons and confetti! I had no idea that they would be there, and it was such a fantastic surprise.

Marielis and Daniella had bought me my own tiara just so I could feel like a princess. They all know me so well. Here's hoping Prince Harry doesn't get engaged so I actually have a chance!

On the ride home we got asked a lot if we were part of a bachelorette party! 

Love these girls to pieces!

I felt like such a princess! Definitely a successful first day of birthday celebrations! 

Until next time!

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