June 17, 2013

City Views: Central Park

While Shelby is off exploring other countries I thought I would do a fun little series sharing some of my favorite views of New York City. 

Central Park. I'm not sure if there is another place quite like this anywhere in the world. The fact that you are in such a large city filled with millions of people and miles of concrete and there is an escape like this is just so cool. The moment you step into the park you are transformed into a quiet and serene place. I don't think I can emphasize quiet enough. While in the park you rarely hear a trace of the hustling and bustling city you are in. 

The Boathouse in the park offers a great dining expereince. Between the food and the breathtaking views of the park and a peak of the buildings on the Upper West Side this might just be one of my favorite New York City experiences. 

I'm not sure if there is a more famous Central Park landmark besides Bethesda Fountain. 

Bethesda Terrace was one of the original elements of Central Park when construction of the park began in 1859. 

This place is a great refuge to escape to in order to get recharged. I'm so grateful I live within walking distance of this magnificent place. 

Until Next Time

Pixie's first trip to Central Park 

Central Park covered in snow

Spring in Central Park

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