May 14, 2013

Vintage Train Show

This year is Grand Central Station's 100th anniversary. In honor of this they are holding lots of special events. This past weekend they hosted a vintage train show. It was really fun to see all of the old trains. I have never taken a train out of Grand Central Station so it was also cool to see a bit more of the station than I had ever seen before. 


There was actually a fairly long wait to see the trains but it flew by due to the genius of the GCS staff. Instead of standing in line for an hour that had us sit on empty air conditioned trains that had bathrooms! 

There were trains from all different time periods in history. 

You could get on most of them and walk through to see all the layouts and details. 

There were a ton of people there! Who knew old trains drew such a crowd.

We didn't actually walk into a lot of the trains because there were crazy long lines of people trying to do that but we did walk through this old dining car.

After the trains we went to the food court and got some yummy gelato. I finally found a flavor I've been looking at every gelato place for since I went to Italy 6 years apple! And it was just as good as I remember it :)

Grand Central Station will be holding lots of events the rest of the year so if you find yourself in New York City make sure you check out the calendar on their website. I'm looking forward to this one in particular. 

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