May 23, 2013

Natural History Museum

This week our parents are in town visiting. They have each been to NYC many times but this is the first time they are here together where they are not helping someone move into dorm rooms or apartments. We have a lot of fun activities on the agenda starting with the Natural History Museum. Out of the four of us Shelby was the only one who had ever been here previously. 

Excited to go see the dinosaurs!! 

And we didn't have to wait long....these greeted us as we walked in

Most of this museum was sort of like a zoo....except the animals are not alive....

Shelby found Nala

 I love penguins!! 

So, when Shelby and I get bored in a museum we start to take silly pictures with things

This whale was HUGE! 

This was a giant mosquito. I love the look on Mom and Shelby's face, ha ha

We finally made it to the dinos!

I am very glad we don't have giant creatures like this roaming the Earth right now. How scary would that be? 

This dinosaur is a vegetarian, like me, so I had to take a photo with him since he is my people. Also, he reminded me of little foot from the Land Before Time. 

In case you are not aware I hate ostriches. My family made me take a picture and as you can tell I was not amused. 

The Natural History Museum was really fun and is a great place to take kids in the city. 

Until next time

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