August 23, 2013

That Time We Got Locked Out

Shelby and I had an interesting night last night. We started our evening at the Gramercy Theater for a Lawson concert. The concert was great and we had a great evening...until we got back to our apartment. We returned to our building and found the the lock outside was broken. Our keys wouldn't even go into the lock. By this point it was after midnight and our management office was long closed. We tried ringing buzzers for every other apartment in the building hoping someone would let us in but everyone was asleep. We quickly realized our options were very slim. We tried calling a few hotels thinking we could just get a room for the night but the handful that we called were all booked up so we decided to go with option B and just find somewhere to hang out until the morning. Luckily there is a 24 hour pharmacy down the block so we went and grabbed some activities and headed to a diner on our block that is also open 24 hours. In our delirium we took tons of pictures documenting our homelessness.

12:15 AM - Locked Out

1:50 AM - Diner

The plus side of being the only customers at a diner at 2 AM- undivided attention from our waitress and food arrival less than 5 minutes after being ordered. 

Some of our fun activities we picked up at Duane Reade to pass the time

2:20 AM - Doodling

3:40 AM - We've resulted to taking middle school level quizzes from teeny bopper magazines

4:15 AM - still going 

 5:00 AM - back on our stoop (our paper had already arrived!)

So exhausted

5:35 AM - we've relocated to Starbucks

 This magazine knows exactly how I'm feeling

6:10 AM - We're back in!!

Now off to get a couple hours sleep before work

So that's the story of how Shelby and I were homeless for a night. It was an adventure but one I hope not to experience again. ha ha.

Until Next Time

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