August 2, 2013

My Study Abroad Adventures: Florence, Italy

The next stop on our trip was Florence. I can’t even express how beautiful this city is. I had such a blast here getting to understand the culture, food, and wonderful sights. Here are a few highlights.

An INCREDIBLE morning view of Florence! 

The Baptistry.

Loved walking past the Ponte Vecchio every day! 

So much gelato, but it was SO worth it!

We had a blast at our cooking class. I can successfully make homemade pasta. 

Florence is so beautiful. It exceeded my expectations.

Our hats that we made at our Millinery workshop.
The group at Piti Uomo, the biggest men's trade show.

Had to make a stop to see Dave!

Many thanks to Professor Werner for taking us on this unforgettable trip. The memories will last a lifetime!

Florence was an incredible experience, and nothing like I had expected. I can’t wait to go back there.

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